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As the accounts above illustrate, there is no single way that God helps; the important thing is that God is there to help-always! Even in my specific experiences, when I did not make the specific request, he provided an answer. I learned to listen for God. Of these examples, the only time it may have cost a dime, maybe, is when I was to acquire some vinegar. All these treatments were far less expensive and more effective than if one were to use the traditional means of a worldly physician. One does not lose a thing by asking God what to do, and with a little bit of practice, one will begin to anticipate the answers before one asks. Much of one’s healthiness is psychosomatic; that is, to think healthy, merge with healthy thoughts and attitudes, reflect on healthy ideas and ideals, and practice these healthy activities on a daily basis. This doesn’t just mean physical health but also spiritual, psychological, social, and whatever. For those who have trouble moving in this direction, things like meditation, prayer, yoga, and tai chi are simple ways to assist in such matters, but trusting in God and what God has given you is the ultimate way. Ask! He is there always, and nobody will have any better answers or be any more concerned.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781546244448
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Terry Stratton
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2019
Publisher: AuthorHouse

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