In The Shadow Of Freedom


Uncovers the historical roots and contemporary impacts of anti-Black racism in America directly leading to unjust legislation, police violence, and mass incarceration. Harris’s book provides readers with an ethic and religious framework for implementing solutions and advocating for reform.

While recent bestselling works like The New Jim Crow and The 1619 Project present in-depth scholarship on the legacy of enslavement, In the Shadow of Freedom uniquely brings together the scholarship, journalism, history, criticism, and legislation to provide what many readers have been seeking: a starting point, an introduction that is both comprehensive and accessible offering readers a compelling examination of the intertwined issues of over-policing, violence, the death penalty, the war on drugs, red-lining, and racial oppression unpacking in clear terms the effects of centuries of anti-Black racism directly leading to mass incarceration.

In the Shadow of Freedom is a wake-up call for all people seeking justice and ethical – as well as religious — responses and collective solutions to the systemic racism that continues to plague society.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781626985421
ISBN10: 1626985421
Alessandra Harris
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2024
Publisher: Orbis Books