WWJR When Will Jesus Return (DVD)


W.W.J.R. is a faith-based comedy of biblical proportions, where Jesus returns to Earth and befriends Tulsan Laz Young. Laz is an out-of-work social media consultant and web designer who has a platform idea that could spread goodwill and faith in ways that have never been done before. But to fulfill his destiny, he must first overcome doubts planted by his ex-girlfriend Chloe. In their recent breakup, Chloe’s skepticism of Laz’s ability to be a provider has left him needing confidence and guidance to fulfill his destiny. With no greater friend than Jesus to step up and help with his platform, Faith Book Friends.com, can Laz overcome doubt to unlock his potential, save the church he grew up in, and create an app that will join believers everywhere?

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SKU (ISBN): 9781954458925
UPC: 095163892500
Produced by: Bridgestone MultiMedia
Binding: Video DVD
Published: November 2022
Publisher: Bridgestone MultiMedia Group