Witchcraft In The Pews And Spiritual Warfare


Guilt. Shame. Fear. They steal your joy and cripple you with doubt. Just when you think you’re gaining new revelation from God and developing fresh intimacy with Him, the devil comes to take away all of your progress.

Shamefully, the schemes of the evil one have infiltrated the Christian church, with pastors who abuse their authority and allow deception, witchcraft, and occult practices to be used to manipulate their flocks. These toxic would-be shepherds twist and manipulate God’s design for authority, leaving innocent people as victims and prisoners of controlling, abusive situations.

Free yourself from the devil’s assaults! Bishop George Bloomer teaches you how to recognize:

Ministers who use intimidation and fear

Controlling power in families

Spiritual discernment and its many uses

Manipulative media techniques

Distractions coming from Satan

Take a stand and engage in spiritual warfare! Claim the joyful life that God has planned for you!


SKU (ISBN): 9781641237598
ISBN10: 1641237597
George Bloomer
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2021
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers