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Unlike most Old Testament books, the Wisdom Books don’t relate scenes from Israel’s history. Instead, these sayings, songs, and poems show us how to understand and deal with everyday problems through the lens of faith. From the suffering of Job, to the pragmatic proverbs, to the vanity of all things and the intimate love of God, these books spiritually nourish and instruct God’s people how to live well and in accord with one another and all creation. Guided by the Spirit, all can learn to know, love, and fear the Lord. Part of the Liguori Catholic Bible Study, a series of 21 books introducing each book of the Bible, providing insight into the sacred words of antiquity and inviting you to discover the living Word and its impact on our daily lives. The narrative, study questions, reflections, key notes, prayers, and an introduction to the spiritual practice of lectio divina will deepen your understanding of Scripture.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780764821394
ISBN10: 0764821393
William Anderson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2014
Liguori Catholic Bible Study
Publisher: Liguori Publications

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