When Protestants Argue Like Atheists


Protestant apologists are usually our partners when it comes to defending the existence of God, the inerrancy of Scripture, traditional moral absolutes, and many other important truths. When arguing against atheism, they shrewdly call out the logical fallacies, double standards, and dirty tricks of skeptical critics.

But then, too often, they turn around and use the same tricks to attack Catholicism.

In When Protestants Argue Like Atheists, Catholic apologist Trent Horn looks at twelve areas where anti-Catholic scholars and polemicists mimic the methods they otherwise decry in anti-theists. Citing the work of both classic and contemporary Protestant figures, he shows how, when defending mere Christianity, they quickly object when skeptics shift the burden of proof, or appeal to fake history, or harp on the morality of the messenger instead of the truth of the message. And yet, when trying to take down Catholicism, they seem to have no problem employing these same shady tactics and others.

Not only does Trent unveil the hypocrisy and logical weaknesses of such tactics and show you how to refute them-he points out ways that Catholics, too, sometimes imitate the worst arguments of atheists. The result is a much-needed elevation of discourse, for all sides, on these all-important subjects related to Christian truth and our salvation.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781683573135
ISBN10: 1683573137
Trent Horn
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2023
Publisher: Catholic Answers