Transforming Church Boards Into Communities Of Spiritual Leaders


You will never look at church boards the same way again.

Olsen presents a bold vision of leadership-one that offers church board work as an integral part of congregational leaders’ faith experience and development. Board or council members’ faith is engaged and informs the way they conduct the church’s business. Discover inspiring, practical ways your board can make its meetings become opportunities for deepening faith, developing leadership, and ultimately renewing your church.

“Transforming Church Boards provides a model for a new way of working on church boards that can be fulfilling instead of draining. So many people have been burned out by serving in what should be an experience in which faith is formed. Olsen squarely faces this problem and offers a program of four points: shared stories, scripture, prayer, and discernment. These can lead to new life and new possibilities.”-Howard L. Rice

“This book is about how ordinary people are led to integrate their work of leading the organization of the congregation with leading the spiritual life of the congregation. He calls for a new culture within church boards. What’s better, he helps us know how to take some steps in that direction.”-Loren B. Mead


SKU (ISBN): 9781566991483
ISBN10: 156699148X
Charles Olsen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: December 1999
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group

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