To My Family


A large portion of our population are in the golden years of their life and have lived through unprecedented changes during their life span that has never been recorded. They have an amazing history locked in their minds that most family members are unaware of. Every year families lose their parents before they have gleaned valuable histories of family trees, events, memories and historical values that can never be recovered. Most family members are unaware of the amazing history of these great saints. Here is a resource that captures a lifetime of detail that can be passed down for generations to come.

How we communicate life’s lessons to our children, may determine the course set for our descendants’ own lives. Little may remain to remind anyone of an ordinary life-a cold, hard tombstone, a few dog-eared photos, perhaps some possessions, unless written down. The thoughts and beliefs that once defined an individual, disappear with his or her last breath.

To My Family: My Reflections, Values, Experiences and Family History is a practical, user-friendly tool that will allow families to capture the rich legacy of their family members for the conveyance of wisdom, knowledge, family history, understanding and the experience of beloved family members before it is too late.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781897186046
ISBN10: 1897186045
Diane Roblin-Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2007
Publisher: Castle Quay Books

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