Supersymmetry Or Chaos


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This book is a scientific investigation of the evolutionary cosmological model regarding the origin of our universe and the Judeo-Christian cosmological model in Genesis. It details a historical analysis of the major dogmatic assumptions that have been considered scientifically sound since the Enlightenment but have proved to be false by recent discoveries. Supersymmetry or Chaos explains the concept derived from the general theory of relativity that time is not a universal constant. In doing so, the book shows that time in the universe is passing at different rates, depending on what area you inspect and how stretched space is in that specific coordinate. It thus shows that on the outskirts of our universe where space is stretched the most, time is running proportionally faster. So the outskirts of our universe may have had a history of 13 billion to 15 billion years, while the Earth-Sun system at the denser center of the universe would have only existed for several thousand years. The warping of spacetime therefore explains why galaxies at the edge of our universe are much older than Earth.

Supersymmetry or Chaos will also refute the evolutionary assumption that gravity was the major force in creating stars and explains the power of the electromagnetic force as the principle tool that God used to create our universe. It explains the power of Birkeland currents in plasma that allow it to create solid matter instantaneously. The book also goes through the six days of creation, providing evidence that the Judeo-Christian cosmological model described in Genesis is consistent with hard science. In summary, Supersymmetry or Chaos provides Jews and Christians a reference that denudes the evolutionary theory as a metaphysically motivated model that begins with assumptions not corroborated by science.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780996244145
ISBN10: 099624414X
Henry Patino
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2019
Publisher: Lightning Source Ingram

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