Still More Hot Illustrations For Youth Talks


A captivating, skillfully chosen illustration communicates more, is remembered longer, and has greater impact than thousands of words that offer abstract truth but tell no story. Jesus knew the value of story. He consistently sprinkled his talks with parables, stories, and illustrations to drive home the point He was making. In the best-selling tradition of Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks and More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks, comes a third volume of lively, effective illustrations, stories, parables, and anecdotes, compiled by veteran youth worker Wayne Rice. Some will make listeners laugh, some will make them cry, and all of them will make kids think. This all-new collection of illustrations comes from the personal files of many of today’s most popular youth speakers. Guaranteed teenager friendly, Still More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks will give a youth minister fresh ways to help kids understand and apply important truths for their lives.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310224648
UPC: 025986224646
Wayne Rice
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 1999
Youth Specialties # 3
Publisher: Zondervan

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