Spiritual Landscape Of Mark


To read the Gospel of Mark is to embark on a journey-one that begins in a desert and ends with a boulder rolled away from the tomb. In between, Jesus teaches his disciples, calls them to journey and learn what it means to follow him, and guides them to Jerusalem, the scene of the Passion.

In The Spiritual Landscape of Mark, Bonnie Thurston has adapted a retreat that she gave to the Society of the Sacred Cross at Tymawr Convent in Wales, thereby inviting all of us to embark on this spiritual journey. Mark’s gospel is full of places-desert, house, sea, valley, mountain, city, cross, garden-and the winding roads between them. Thurston’s prose invites us to go away to a quiet place and reflect awhile on what it means to be Jesus’ disciple, to follow him across the hard landscape. Along the way there will be glimpses of his glory-when he stills the storm and is transfigured on the mountain, when he heals the sick and feeds the hungry. Still, the primary lesson is the difficult way to which we are called, along with the great joy of knowing that Jesus has initiated the journey and leads us exactly where we need to go.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780814618646
Bonnie Thurston
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2008
Publisher: Liturgical Press

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