So Youre On The Search Committee (Revised)


So You’re on the Search Committee focuses on the experience of pastoral search committees and the unique role that laity in most denominations play in this crucial process. Because a change of pastors is, as Alban Institute founder Loren Mead puts it, a “critical moment of ministry,” participation as a member of a search committee is a big investment with tremendous rewards, both for the congregation as well as for the individual.

Authors Ketcham and Hahn find that the pastoral search process presents both search committee members and the congregation as a whole with limitless opportunities for growth and faith development. They offer insightful reflections on the deeper issues of congregational identity and transformation that search committees will find themselves wrestling with, as well as raise warnings about some of the obstacles committee members can expect to encounter in the search process.

So You’re on the Search Committee began as a conversation between Celia Allison Hahn, former editor-in-chief at the Alban Institute, and Bunty Ketcham, a consultant with considerable experience serving on search committees. First published in 1985, this new edition retains the original book’s interview format and includes significant updates and revisions based on new learnings and experiences with congregations going through pastoral transition.


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Bunty Ketcham | Celia Hahn
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group

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