Signs Of The Times


Fulfillment of end time prophecies is rapidly exploding around us. World events are changing as rapidly. Many find it difficult to accurately plan for the future. Yet current prophecy teaching leaves a vacuum. Just how should we live our lives in these difficult and changing times?

Follow the author as he sets aside long-held biases about end time prophecies. See the big picture of what God has planned from the beginning for world history. Allow the author to expand your understanding of God. Observe the symphony God is conducting from earth’s beginning to eternity. Share God’s passion for fellowship with His people.

Observe the author’s model for understanding all of prophecy. See how easily, otherwise difficult concepts, fit into the authors model. Concepts such as, when does the rapture occur, are no longer confusing.

See where prophecy teachers have missed important clues and have misinterpreted prophecy. Let the author show you where God, in 400 BC, wrote the history of World War II and the current Arab conflicts as clearly as if He had written it today. See why the Anti-Christ will not arise out of Europe. The author will not show you the End Time Beast, but he will show you the shadow of the beast as he begins to appear on the world scene. Observe the wound as if to death of the one head of the beast. Then follow as, over the next several years, that head is miraculously healed. Read much more inside.


SKU (ISBN): 9781612154145
ISBN10: 161215414X
Dale Anderson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2010
Publisher: Xulon Press

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