Shades Of Doon


With her best friend Mackenna Reid now a permanent citizen of Doon, and her relationship with her prince and true love Jaime back on track, Veronica is certain things are finally right with her kingdom. Until she suddenly becomes ill, collapsing as the witch of Doon begins draining of her life. Desperate to save Veronica, Jamie will do anything-including casting a forbidden spell that trades his health for Vee’s recovery. As Doon celebrates the queen’s newfound health, Mackenna focuses on organizing a festival complete with theater productions. But just as her dream of bringing a musical to Doon comes to life, strange catastrophes begin to sweep the kingdom, and the once-unshakable Jamie’s behavior is becoming more dangerous and erratic as well, and soon he and his brother, Duncan, are at serious and seeming irreparable odds. It is left to Vee and Kenna to rescue Jamie from himself-but in doing so, they could forever alter Doon and give the witch the power she’s always craved.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310742418
ISBN10: 0310742412
Carey Corp | Lorie Langdon
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2016
Doon Novel # 3
Publisher: Zondervan

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