Secret Blend


Is your life as rich, meaningful, and enjoyable as you want it to be? Is there something missing-an emptiness that gnaws away at your heart even in the midst of success and achievement?

In The Secret Blend, best-selling author Stan Toler tells a parable you’ll identify with. It’s the story of a man who discovers some surprising truths in a most unexpected place: a coffee shop. Fascinating insights about the dark, aromatic brew begin to hit home, and he gets a taste of the true definition of wealth and abundance.

So begins the journey of a lifetime as Joe returns to the coffee shop time and time again and learns the meaning of true wealth. It s a journey of discovery about the most important priority of life: relationships.

Like Joe, the man in the parable of The Secret Blend, you too will experience fresh insights regarding the real measure of wealth. You’ll come to realize it’s found not just in material possessions and personal achievement, but more so in the quality of your relationships.

You can learn a lot about life from a cup of coffee. Taste The Secret Blend for yourself, and start experiencing truly rich relationships.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781570524035
ISBN10: 1570524033
Stan Toler
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: October 2014
Publisher: Four Ministries