Sculptor Spirit : Models Of Sanctification From Spirit Christology


1. Sculptor Spirit: Spirit Christology And The Sanctified Life
2. Voices From The Past: Patristic Images Of The Sanctifying Spirit
3. Baptized Into Death And Life: The Renewal Model
4. Facing Demons Through Prayer And Meditation: The Dramatic Model
5. Sharing Life Together: The Sacrificial Model
6. Welcoming The Stranger: The Hospitality Model
7. Work, Pray, And Rest: The Devotional Model
8. I Want To Tell The Story: North American Spirituality And The Models
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The Holy Spirit is sculpting you.

Like the work of an artist who molds a lump of clay into its intended shape, the Spirit’s sanctifying work lies in shaping people into the image of Christ.

Avoiding either a “Spirit-only” or a “Spirit-void” theology, Leopoldo Sanchez carefully crafts a Spirit Christology, which considers the role of God’s Spirit in the life and mission of Jesus. This understanding then serves as the foundation to articulate five distinct models of sanctification that can help Christians discern how the Spirit is at work in our lives.


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Leopoldo Sanchez
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2019
Publisher: InterVarsity Press