Scandalous Freedom : The Radical Nature Of The Gospel



God has set us free – and at great cost – but many Christians live in self-imposed bondage. Rather than delighting in God’s lavish grace, they are fearful of igniting his displease.

As author Steve Brown explains in this brave, new book, too many Christians don’t trust freedom – for themselves or others. They prefer the security of manmade regulations to the adventure of freedom. The implications of freedom, Brown asserts, can sometimes be dangerous; but the alternative is deadly: a life without joy and void of celebration of our unique gifts in Christ.

Each riveting chapter explores a common freedom – stifling tendency, then opens the door to the fresh air of remedial liberty. Chapter titles include:

The Perfection We Desire. . .and the Forgiveness That Sets Us Free
The Masks We Wear. . .and the Authenticity That Sets Us Free
The Boldness We Fear. . .and the Courage That Sets Us Free
The Failure We Foster. . .and the Victory That Sets Us Free

Dare to explore the joys of biblical freedom. Open the pages of this book and begin a journey that will set you free – really and truly and completely free.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781582293929
ISBN10: 1582293929
Steve Brown
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2004
Publisher: Howard Books