Saint Therese Of Lisieux


1. Therese, Child Of Sorrow And Grace
2. Therese, Best Friend And Sister
3. Therese, Warrior Daughter Of St. Joan Of Arc
4. Therese, Martyr Of Divine Mercy
5. Therese, Love In The Heart Of The Church
6. Therese, Teacher Of The Little Way
7. Therese, Spiritual Sister And Missionary
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Therese Of Lisieux (1873-1897) a French Carmelite nun who died at the age of 24 was known during her life to only a few of her fellow nuns. Through the posthumous publication of her autobiography she quickly became the most popular saint of modern times. On the basis of her spiritual path, which she called “the Little Way,” she was recently declared a Doctor of the Church. Her admirers have included Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Edith Stein.

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Modern Spiritual Masters
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