Rejected Prophets : Jesus And His Witnesses In Luke-Acts


1. The Role Of Prophets In Luke-Acts
2. Messiah And Savior
3. Trustworthy Prophets
4. “A Light For The Gentiles”
5. A Rejected Prophet
6. The Doom Of Jerusalem
7. Prophets Like Jesus
8. Rejected Prophets
9. “To The Ends Of The Earth”

Index Of Names
Index Of Biblical References

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Although several scholars have written about how Luke portrays Jesus and the apostles as prophets, no one has yet provided a comprehensive theory as to why Luke’s protagonists resemble the prophets.

McWhirter shows that Luke uses these biblical prophets as precedents, seeking to legitimate the apostles’ teachings in the face of events, such as the destruction of Jerusalem and the deaths of Peter and Paul, which seem to contradict those teachings. In order to show that all this was part of God’s plan, Luke compares Jesus and his witnesses to Israel’s prophets who were rejected by their own people.


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Jocelyn McWhirter
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Published: January 2014
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