Rebuilding The Foundations


In this unique volume, father-and-son team Walter and John Brueggemann take a close look at our fractured American society and suggest ways for improvement. Using six themes identified by some scholars as the moral foundations of society-care, fairness, liberty, loyalty, authority, and sanctity-they examine the unsustainable patterns of our contemporary society and reveal how those patterns played out in the ancient world of the Old Testament. Brueggemann and Brueggemann demonstrate how comparing the current state of these moral foundations with what God wanted them to be can help us better respond to the challenges of today. They assert that achieving any significant change will require the work of all of us and will be grounded in a vision of neighborliness. Rebuilding the Foundations will inspire readers to reorient toward a better way of living, both for themselves and for all living things.


SKU (ISBN): 9780664262655
ISBN10: 0664262651
Walter Brueggemann | John Brueggemann
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2017
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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