Real Estate Investors Pocket Calculator 2nd Edition


Make sure the numbers add up. With real estate investing on the rebound, more and more people are jumping into the market. But often, return on investment hinges less on the physical property and more on the math. Have you measured every component of value, such as cash flow, income taxes, financing, and investment yield? Do you know which calculations to use on specific properties? Have you weighed all the risks? The Real Estate Investor’s Pocket Calculator helps you analyze the financial picture before committing capital. Simple explanations, worksheets, and more than 100 Excel formulas will have you crunching numbers like a pro.

Learn to: Gauge supply and demand * Project return on investment and equity * Analyze present and future value * Understand appraisal approaches * Evaluate mortgages * Calculate cash flow * Compute internal rate of return and debt coverage ratio * Make accurate tax projections * Balance escrow and closing * And much more With new formulas, expanded sections on income and expenses, and an updated analysis of market conditions, this second edition helps you make smarter decisions . . . and more money.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780814438893
Michael Thomsett
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: AMACOM – Harper Collins Publishers