Psalm For Every Sigh


At the literal center of every Bible is the book of Psalms. Just as the heart is the symbolic center of human emotion, the psalms contain some of the most emotional passages in all of scripture, from the heights of jubilant praise to the depths of despair and mourning. All of us, to some degree, can relate to the psalms.

A Psalm for Every Sigh is a collection of observations and musings on specific psalms. Each psalm relates to various aspects of the human experience, from the peace and tranquility of Psalm 23, or the penitence and confession of Psalm 32, to our awe and wonder at beholding God’s creation in Psalm 8. A Psalm for Every Sigh relates the emotions portrayed in each selected psalm to the emotions we experience in our world today. This is a valuable addition to any personal or group Bible study.
While much of the world is different today than in the time of David and the other psalm writers, the joy, the pain, the anguish, and the exultation are still the same. That is why the psalms still carry such a powerful impact thousands of years after they were written.


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Stephen Crotts
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Published: June 2008
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