Power Of Prophetic Prayer


Prayer releases the atmosphere of heaven into the earth.

If prayer can alter the course of history and reshape the world, then why don’t believers pray more? Perhaps because they don’t understand the power of prophetic prayer! Kynan Bridges leads readers in a spiritual discovery of what prayer is and how much power it holds by exploring the relationship between “prophecy” and “prayer.”

Prophetic prayer is more than a religious exercise; it is actually the supernatural catalyst that enables us to experience the power and presence of God in every area of our lives. If believers only knew the power of prophetic prayer, they wouldn’t struggle to bend the knee.

This book will answer your questions about prayer, including:
*What is the power and significance of prayer?
*Is every believer supposed to pray prophetically?
*Can I really manifest the miraculous through prayer?
*What do I do when nothing happens after I pray?

The Power of Prophetic Prayer will forever alter your prayer life.


SKU (ISBN): 9781629116228
ISBN10: 162911622X
Kynan Bridges
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2015
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers

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