Paradigm Of Death


Two of the most profound uncertainties that man can ponder are: what is the meaning of life, and what is the meaning of death? Many would say that the answers to these questions are unknowable and too mysterious to be comprehended. Reverend Thomas Leighow believes however, that God has given us these answers within the pages of the Bible. In A Paradigm of Death, Rev. Leighow opens the doors to understanding life and death from God’s eternal perspective. For those who live in fear of death, or for those who have not recovered after the loss of a loved one, this book will give you hope and peace to face your own valley of the shadow of death. With the skill of a great teacher writing with an unpretentious and eminently readable style, Reverend Leighow offers a multitude of lucid examples from modern day life, a moving personal story, and most prominently, salient references from his declared authoritative guide – the Bible – to convincingly assert his position that, for the Christian who earnestly seeks to know God completely, death is paradoxically not the ultimate tragedy for man, but rather a victorious and joyful event as it marks the entranceway into an eternal home prepared by God. Dr. Christopher G. Stephenson, MD, FACC Cardiologist, Novant Health Heart & Vascular Institute Reverend Tom Leighow’s knowledge and first-hand experience with the pain of death has led him to produce an indispensable resource for pastors, teachers, and for any person looking for the real meaning and significance of life. Thanks to the insight of Tom’s work, I am convinced that A Paradigm of Death unleashes the purpose of life more abundantly as he sets forth a deep understanding of death as seen through the eyes of God. Reverend Josh Fraley, Red Cross Baptist Church If you long to know how not to fear death, then A Paradigm of Death is for you. If you grieve for loved ones who have gone before, this book can gently remind you that death did not conquer them either, and that the separation is only for a short time. Dr. Terry Faulkenbury, MDiv., D.Min Senior Pastor, West Cabarrus Church President and CEO, Charlotte Bible College & Seminary Reverend Leighow’s keen insight and compassionate approach compels the reader to look at death through God’s eyes. Through these pages, a stimulating and enlightening approach to a personal revelation of God’s divine plan is revealed, and even convinces the believer to joyfully anticipate the “Passing”. Wayne Daniel, Executive Director Afri


SKU (ISBN): 9781628713077
ISBN10: 1628713070
Thomas Leighow
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: November 2013
Publisher: Xulon Press

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