Nimrod : Darkness In The Cradle Of Civilization


The Bible barely mentions his name, but people of antiquity knew him well. Ancient historians recorded substantial information about him. Who was Nimrod? How could such a man be of such importance to today’s believer? God’s history is replete with accounts of His followers suffering terrible persecution. People of today’s world are largely unaware of a lesser-known story, written by the blood of many believers at a time following God’s destruction of the Old World. Nimrod was born into a New World, recently recreated by God. This virgin creation was untainted by the wickedness of the Old World. However, innocence did not last long. Eight people had traveled God’s floodwaters of judgment in the security of His ark, but the curse of sin still tainted their souls. The prince of darkness wasted no time sowing seeds of rebellion in fertile hearts. He handpicked Nimrod to transform the New World into a cauldron of rebellion. The post-flood world began in present-day Iraq. Several cities conquered by Nimrod are still in existence today. The events happening in present-day Iraq are not coincidental. The world will witness more conflict and fulfilled Bible prophecy in this land-until God’s Seed returns to fulfill the ancient prophecy recorded in Genesis 3:15.


SKU (ISBN): 9781594678448
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Steven Merrill
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: January 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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