My Life As A Toasted Time Traveler


1. Just For Starters
2. The Plot Sickens
3. Guest Appearances
4. Pick A Wally, Any Wally
5. Decisions, Decisions
6. Grand Central
7. All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go
8. A Not-So-Bright Future
9. The Final Chew Down
10. Wrapping Up
101 Pages

Additional Info
What could be more hilarious than one Wally McDoogle?
How about two?
Or six?
Or a dozen!?

Wally travels back from the future to warn himself of an upcoming accident. But it takes more than one visit to get the message across. Before he knows it, there are more Wallys running around than even Wally can handle.

Catastrophes reach an all-time high as Wally tries to outthink God and rewrite history.


SKU (ISBN): 9780849938672
UPC: 023755038678
Bill Myers
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 1996
Incredible Worlds Of Wally McDoogle # 10
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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