Mom PhD : 6 Steps To Mastering Leadership Skills For Mom


Earn your PhD in 6 simple sessions and become a Positive Home Director. Most mothers don’t think of themselves as leaders. But in reality, moms are the most important leaders in the world.

The simple six-step course taught in the pages of this book will equip you to be the Positive Home Director God intended. In it, you will learn about:
* Creating a vision
* Setting clear boundaries
* Instilling courtesy and manners
* Catching your children being good
* Destroying the “Supermom” myth
* Tapping into the power of prayer
* Inspiring faith
* Asking for help
* Being consistent
* Dealing with teens
* Demanding respect

Instead of simply reacting to life’s circumstances, you can become a pro-active leader – a woman with a vision who defines her goals for her children’s future and knows how to make them a reality.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781582294247
UPC: 645177736088
Teresa Kindred
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2005
Motherhood Club
Publisher: Howard Books

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