Ministry At The Margins


1. Movement And Mission
2. Meaning And Communication
3. Sense And Nonsense
4. Merging Agendas
5. Proclaiming Good News
6. Gift-Exchange And The Gospel
7. A Place For Strangers
8. Missionary As Stranger
193 Pages

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These pages are for those who seek to realize the potential of their Baptism. This demands the centrifugal movement of lives, but its authenticity is not simply measured by geography. The movement is explicitly to the other (ethnically, religiously, economically or otherwise disadvantaged or exploited: the poor), and it serves to proclaim, explicitly or implicitly, by word or witness, the Good New of Jesus Christ and the pomise of the Realm of God. As Gustavo Gutierrez once said provocatively, the aim of mission is ” to convince the poor that God loves them.”


SKU (ISBN): 9781570754173
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Anthony Gittins
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2002
Publisher: Orbis Books