Mamas Got Anxiety


All moms worry, right? But if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, that worry can quickly become debilitating. Fears about something bad happening to your kids, obsessing, stigmas around taking medication, panic attacks, the need for control, difficulty sleeping, and the feeling of what your anxiety says about your faith. You know your time with your kids is precious, but the worry, fear, and anxiety conspire to steal your joy.

In Mama’s Got Anxiety, fellow anxious mom Courtney Devich helps you understand all the anxious feelings you’re facing so you can cope and take your joy back. Equipping you with biblical hope and encouragement, she shows you:

* the truth to combat the lies you’ve believed about your anxiety
* the strength from God’s Word to face all the feelings and symptoms of anxiety
* how anxiety is not a sign of weak faith or something to be ashamed of
* how God can use your anxiety for good

You don’t have to let your anxiety steal your joy in motherhood. Instead, let Courtney show you the comfort God gives.


SKU (ISBN): 9780800742799
ISBN10: 0800742796
Courtney Devich
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2023
Publisher: Revell