Life Beyond Laundry


Nearly every woman, and many men, face the challenge of finding meaning in the mundane piles of laundry and daily tasks facing them each week. Every now and then, however, someone raises their head from amongst the piles and notices that there are things going on around them. It smells differently out there. Life is happening and they want to be a part of it! This someone has come alive to encourage all of us to find joy and inspiration, not by escaping, but by tuning in to the quiet, gentle whispers of God in the midst of these tasks. In easy to read, short chapters, Kristen Cottingham shares delightfully candid insights gained in her persistent hunt for treasures buried in the unlikely form of practical obligations and activities. You won’t need a map or message in a bottle to benefit from Kristen’s honest and down to earth style. Pull up a basket and prop your feet. You will be amazed at the valuable gems you’ll find in “Life Beyond Laundry.”


SKU (ISBN): 9780979273971
ISBN10: 0979273978
Kristen Cottingham
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2008
Publisher: Ajoyin Publishing/Formerly Isaac Publishing, Inc.

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