Life And Teachings Of Hillel


Ascent To Leadership

The Lost Teachings Of Hillel

Historical Settings And Family Background


Hillel On The Roof

His Great Torah Knowledge

Hillel Becomes Nasi

The Nasi As Scholar

The Nasi As Judge

Hillel’s View On Leadership

Yeas And Dates

Hillel The Pharisee

Hillel, Menahem, And Shammai

The Prosbul

Hillel And Herod: Religion And Politics

Hillel And Herod: Religion And Politics – Continued

Mission And Message

Disciples Of Aaron

Loving Peace

Being “Mixed In” With Others

Charity And Peace

Loving People

Love And Judging Others

Under The Wings Of Divine Presence

A Mission To All Men

Three Proselytes

Receive All Men

The Hasidic Personality

Hillel’s Personality

Hillel The Hasid

A Hasid From Love

The Hasid And Hesed

A Different Way

His Heart Is Firm. Trusting In The Lord

Hasid And Parush

The Way Of Hesed

The Humble Man

Hillel And The Once-Rich Poor Man

Gentle And Bearing Insult

Disciple Of Ezra

Hillel’s Teaching Style

Hillel And The Rich

Holy Spirit, Holy Legacy

A Good Name Versus A Great Name

The Holy Spirit

The Rejoicing Of The Water-drawing

Hillel’s Death

If I Am Not For Myself

In Favor Of Shammai

A Unique Balance

Additional Info
The Life and Teachings of Hillel provides the most comprehensive treatment ever published of one of the greatest figures in Jewish tradition. Yitzhak Buxbaum weaves together the various stories about Hillel along with his teachings and sayings to develop this ground-breaking portrait, shedding new light on Hillel’s illustrious career, fascinating life, and profound teachings. Hillel is one of the most important and popular of the talmudic sages, yet he is mostly known only in the context of two or three popular stories told about him. Such stories as teaching the “Golden Rule” of Torah “while standing on one foot,” and his saying, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me, and if I am for myself alone, who am I,” have eclipsed a more complete view of Hillel’s influence and significance.

In the rabbinic tradition, there is much debate between the teachings of the school of Hillel and that of his contemporary, Shammai. Hillel is often seen as the more tolerant, softer teacher, with his teachings representing what we consider “normative” Judaism. Often, the traditions passed down to modern times are a result of the rabbis’ reconciliation of the two schools, so that Hillel’s pure teachings have been lost. The Life and Teachings of Hillel separates out Hillel’s teachings and looks at them independently of Shammai’s. Studied on their own, it becomes evident that Hillel was actually much more radical and “hasidic” than is commonly thought. While he is known for representing the gentler, more loving side of Judaism, in this work his pious radicalism is also apparent. Readers will be charmed and fascinated by Hillel’s fiery gentleness. The Life and Teachings of Hillel offers new information about a radiant religious figure, and it also recovers a side of Jewish tradition that has been lost to most people.


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Yitzhak Buxbaum
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: September 2008
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group

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