George A.F. Knight’s contribution to The Daily Study Bible Series is a commentary that demonstrates the high value of Leviticus for Christians. It is written in a style that is accessible to lay people, while maintaining usefulness for advanced students as well. Knight argues that many elements of orthodox theology, such as the meaning of the atonement, the nature of the People of God, and others have their origin in Leviticus. He further asserts that a proper biblical theology is an Old Testament theology. Thus, for Knight, Leviticus is a very important book, that should no longer be ignored by the Church. The commentary is written from a moderately critical perspective, but there will be much that is useful to those from many other perspectives.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780664218027
ISBN10: 0664218024
Editor: George Knight
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: September 1981
Daily Study Bible
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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