Lets Be Real


Let’s Be Real exposes the depths of honest grief as a 22-year-old girl says goodbye to her father after holding his hand as her family sang him happy birthday.

At only 22, Emily Katherine Dalton never imagined her story would take such a turn, losing every sense of family and home she had ever known. The secure faith she had formed felt shattered. In Let’s Be Real, she shares her honest, gritty journey of fighting to believe all she had ever known until her world turned upside down. Fighting to name the depths of new emotions and questions she had never before held, wrestling to somehow let the people around her into the chaos, and relentlessly trying to run toward a God she had to learn to relate to all over again after facing the greatest trauma she had ever known. Let’s Be Real offers readers insight into processing emotional trauma and what authentic friendship really looks like as Emily Katherine relates and reframes stories that taught her the greatest lessons about the faith that follows trauma, grief, and loss–a faith that has to be real.


SKU (ISBN): 9781642795202
ISBN10: 1642795208
Emily Dalton
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2020
Publisher: Morgan James Faith

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