Knock Your Socks Off Service Recovery


Cancelled flights, damaged goods, botched bills, locked-up software–these are the service screw-ups that leave customers angry, disgusted…and determined to never buy from you again! But these mad-as-hell customers can be wooed back through skillful, planned “service recovery.” And, surprisingly, customers who experience world-class Knock Your Socks Off service recovery become your most loyal customers–and are a source of continuing business for years to come. Building on the popular, breezy approach of the Knock Your Socks Off Service series, the authors provide managers with an upbeat primer on creating a first-class recovery system. Enlivened by John Bush’s witty illustrations, the book explains: * The economics of recovery–what it costs when you lose customers, and how little it can cost to win them back * The processes, policies, and technology a company must have to ensure an effective, real-time recovery system * The manager’s role in sustaining an outstanding recovery system–through training, coaching, empowering, supporting, inspiring, and rewarding great service providers.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780814470848
Ron Zemke | Chip Bell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2000
Publisher: AMACOM – Harper Collins Publishers