Kenotic Ecclesiology : Select Writings Of Donald M. MacKinnon


Donald M. MacKinnon has been one of the most important and influential of the post-World War British theologians, significantly impacting the development and subsequent work of the likes of Rowan Williams, Nicholas Lash, and John Milbank, among many other notable theologians. A younger generation largely emerging from Cambridge, but with influence elsewhere, has more recently brought MacKinnon’s eclectic and occasionalist work to a larger audience worldwide.

In this collection, MacKinnon’s central writings on the major themes of ecclesiology, and especially the relationship of the church to theology, are gathered in one source. The volume features several of MacKinnon’s important early texts. These include two short books published in the Signposts series during World War II, and a collection of later essays entitled The Stripping of the Altars.


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Published: December 2016
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishers – 1517 Media

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