Journey To Hell


Millions have read The Pilgrim’s Progress and received inspiration for their Christian walk. Now, you can follow another man-Mr. Badman-on his life journey, which leads him ultimately to hell. In this allegory, the wickedness, depravity, and carnality in the life and death of Mr. Badman are contrasted with biblical standards of living and the path that leads to heaven. The wisdom of Mr. Wiseman will strike you as he explains a godly life in all situations-including home, business, and
relationships. With this book, John Bunyan provides instructions for the Christian life. He will show you…

* How to experience joy in difficult circumstances.
* How to avoid the dire consequences of living a sinful life.
* How to teach your children Christian values.
* How to succeed in business.
* How to be spared from God’s judgment.
* How to avoid bad marriages.
* How to please God.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781603740449
ISBN10: 1603740449
John Bunyan
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2007
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers