Jesus Over Everything


As Christian women, we desire to put Jesus first. We want to prioritize him above all, knowing instinctively that when we do, everything else in our lives will fall into alignment. Yet life feels complicated, and the demands of our daily lives leave our priorities out of order and our hearts longing for more.

Author, speaker, and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle is passionate about helping people pursue Jesus for life, grow deep roots of faith, and walk strong in a world that so often seems to have gone crazy. In Jesus Over Everything, Lisa shares eight statements of choice to help us grow in our understanding of what it means to put Jesus first amid the craziness our days bring, including choices such as:
*commitment over mood,
*steady over hype,
*holiness over freedom,
*service over spotlight,
*and more.

Jesus Over Everything is a practical, compelling picture of what we crave yet struggle to define as we seek to give God his rightful place in our everyday lives.


SKU (ISBN): 9780785231981
ISBN10: 0785231986
Lisa Whittle
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2020
Publisher: Thomas Nelson