Japanese Cooking Contemporary And Traditional


The foundation of Japanese cuisine is simplicity and purity. Whereas the foods of other cultures may dazzle and delight with their complex ingredients and techniques, Japanese cuisine reduces the number of components in a dish to a minimalist act that allows the character of each player to resonate with clarity. Flavors are pure and true, unfettered by the many spices and seasonings encountered in dishes of other countries. How absolutely zen that so much can result from so little! And in addition to the delectable flavors and stunning presentation of these dishes, the Japanese have developed one of the world’s most healthful cuisines which contributes to their low rate of cancer and heart disease.

Japanese and vegetarian food expert Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner presents traditional dishes and regional specialties from Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north. She draws from an abundance of vegetable and legume-based dishes that can be found in traditional Japanese cuisine. For those dishes that are usually prepared with meat, fish, or fowl, Miyoko has created innovative substitutes utilizing tofu, seitan, and other vegetarian foods to create what is truly a unique vegan Japanese cookbook.

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Miyoko Schinner
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 1999
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.