Is It Lust Or Legalism


A recent survey indicated that 90% of Christians questioned, struggle with lust. What really is lust? Is all sexual desire, attraction, and arousal sinful? What about about masturbation and sexual fantasy? In Is it Lust or Legalism? Discerning the Differences between Sexuality, Sensuality & Sin, Pastor Brad Watson looks again at these pertinent questions from a fresh perspective. Sexuality and sensuality are not intrinsically evil, and should be integrated together with a highlycommitted, Christ-centered faith. This breakthrough book exposes the poor anti-body, anti-sex, antipleasure theology that has historically steeped the Church in legalism, separated her unnecessarily from culture, and hindered her from impacting the world. God’s people are challenged to embrace an “incarnational Christianity”-filled with grace and freed from legalism-which beckons normal, culturally-relevant, 21st century people into a world-impacting, radical witness for Christ.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781591601517
ISBN10: 1591601517
Brad Watson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2003
Publisher: Xulon Press

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