Is Financial Prosperity For Us Today Or The 1000 Year Reign Of Jesus Christ


The Holy Spirit has given us an abundance of scriptures concerning true prosperity, this book consists of twelve Bible truths. We have many Bible verses which tells us of God’s perfect will and plan about true prosperity. God says we have a better covenant (New Testament), which was established upon better promises than what Israel had (Old Testament), Hebrews 8:6. This covenant is established on the blood of Jesus and not on the blood of animals. God’s promise to Abraham for the church (Acts 2:1- Revelation 3:22) is spiritual with the promise of His Spirit to live in us. Israel’s promise had an abundance of material and financial wealth (Genesis 1:1- Acts1:1-26) because that is all they could receive before Jesus came. No one had the Holy Spirit living in them at that time. However, many already had an abundance of material and financial things so this is not why Jesus came. Today we are missing God’s timing concerning financial prosperity which will begin in the 1000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ. Don’t believe that we cannot miss God; Israel did concerning Jesus. The proof and the degree of the Holy Spirit speaking to and through us is the accuracy of our writings according to the scriptures. We are to judge everything according to the Bible. Please read and study these twelve truths with serious prayer to see what God is saying to us today about true prosperity. We are not to interpret scriptures by what we personally believe or think. 1st Corinthians 2:13 says “…the Holy Spirit teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. God’s word is spiritual. We should continually search for the truth by going from scripture to scripture so that we can truly understand what God is saying.


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Allen Charbonnet
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2006
Publisher: Xulon Press

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