Invisible King And His Kingdom


Too many Christians have a pessimistic and doom and gloom view of the future because of a lack of understanding concerning what Jesus came to establish-the kingdom of God. If believers cannot see the kingdom, they will focus on the negative things the news has to offer. Discerning the kingdom in a world seemingly devoid of righteousness is the only hope and encouragement for believers today. In this book, readers will be challenged on the predominant, negative worldview that permeates much of the church and some of the “Christian thinking” that goes with it. Readers will learn about the kingdom in order to be kingdom ambassadors to their generation. There is a wealth of information on the kingdom that this book will examine. It will also challenge many misconceptions of the kingdom that are held today among Christians.

Jesus’s announcement that the kingdom was at hand was the turning point in human history. It was the announcement that salvation, redemption, and everlasting righteousness was at hand. It is important for believers to understand the kingdom as the plan of God for the ages. The advancement of the kingdom is the will of God for every generation.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781616382797
ISBN10: 1616382791
John Eckhardt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2011
Publisher: Charisma House – Charisma House