Interpersonal Communication


By Brent C. Oberg. An introduction to human interaction. How we communicate with others is basic to our personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and success in life. Interpersonal communication is really the study of how we live every day. Unlike most theoretical communication texts that are impractical for the classroom, this book supplies an abundance of examples of how interpersonal communication affects our daily lives. Its relevance to self-knowledge, health, enjoyment, personal relationships, professional success and more are explained in this text. It begins with basic theory: levels of communication and the communication process with a graphic model demonstrated with examples, then moves into issues like communication apprehension. An excellent introductory communication textbook

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SKU (ISBN): 9781566080859
ISBN10: 1566080851
Brent Oberg
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing Ltd.