In Moral Love


Now that society has given itself what it claims it wants in dangerously approving premarital sex, are people happier with the loss of moral love? What happens when someone chooses to live a moral lifestyle in an immoral society? What happens when the immoral and the moral get into a relationship with each other? With change in people’s hearts at stake, the battle for control begins. In Moral Love is a unique love story that encourages single people to wait on the Lord Jesus who, like a ballroom dancer, leads the right way through difficulties. Temptations lurk in every dark corner. Lust, jealousy, insecurity, ambition, and impatience are at war with faith, patience, and purity. Spiritual blind spots loom in people. “Morality” is a dirty word in immoral society, but a spiritually restored “fallen man” seeks to establish moral love with an enticingly beautiful, worldly woman. With uncommonly stark honesty that will shock some people and inspire others, In Moral Love reveals the reshaping of a man’s character. In the end, he finds his true heart of courage and endurance, making the toughest decision of his life. Only in moral love can he prove himself to be a real man.


SKU (ISBN): 9781591603740
ISBN10: 1591603749
Anthony Cassimeon
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2003
Publisher: Xulon Press

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