How To Stay Out Of The City Beneath Your Feet


How important are language and words, right and wrong believing, thinking and speaking? What is life all about and where is it heading? Is death the end with one destiny? Is there a real Satan, and is Hell a real place or an overused metaphor? Do angels really exist? Are we really created in the image of God and if so, what does that mean? Where is the mind? As important as these questions are, it seems that most people have forgotten to ask them. Who bewitched them? Are there in fact ultimate answers to the ultimate questions? In this book, Author Richard W. Menear, Ph.D. addresses these topics and many others. Humanity’s distance from God and closeness to the enemy. Religion, ethics and standards being reduced to a trash pile. Sin. Man’s view vs. God’s view. Specific moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, infidelity. The resurrection of the body. What Hell is really like! Explained in depth, Dr. Menear explores the plight of fallen mankind and unmasks the enemy’s deceptions designed to destroy, and to replace scriptural truth. All these mysteries have been revealed to the world through God’s Son, and are examined here. This book will take you on your solo journey that includes the most important aspects of life from the beginning to end just like God said it would be!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781607910831
ISBN10: 1607910837
Richard Menear
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: February 2008
Publisher: Xulon Press

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