How To Live With Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind


If you think How to Live with Your Parents . . . Without Losing Your Mind! was written to teach you how to change your parents, think again. This book helps you change your family by starting where the power to change really begins – with yourself and the way you view your folks.

Ken Davis cuts through the complexities of living with parents. He uses the Bible to drive home the importance of family harmony. He encourages you that God is the “Wizard of Odds” who can help you overcome any family problem, no matter how big or small. And Ken shows you communication skills that can really make a difference
But don’t get the idea this book is for teens only. Parents should read it, too. They’ll find new understanding of how they really make decisions, how they assert their authority, and how they express their love.

This warm, funny book will help moms and dads do a better job of parenting their teenagers – and it will help young adults improve the way they “teenage” their parents. Read it, let your family read it . . . and watch good things start to happen.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310323310
ISBN10: 0310323312
Ken Davis
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 1988
Publisher: Zondervan