History Of Western Philosophy



1. Introduction To The Project
2. The Beginnings Of Western Philosophy
3. Socrates And The Sophists
4. Plato
5. Aristotle
6. Philosophy In The Hellenistic And Roman Periods
7. Early Christian Thought Through Augustine
8. Early Medieval Thought
9. The High Middle Ages (I): Thomas Aquinas
10. The High Middle Ages (II): Bonaventure, Scotus, Ockham
11. Philosophy Between The Medieval And Modern Periods
12. Descartes And The Beginning Of Modern Philosophy
13. Continental Rationalism: Spinoza And Leibniz
14. British Empiricism: Locke And Berkeley
15. The Scottish Enlightenment (I): David Hume
16. The Scottish Enlightenment (II): Thomas Reid
17. Enlightenment Deism, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, And Mary Wollstonecraft
18. Immanuel Kant
19. German Idealism And Hegel
20. Karl Marx
21. Sren Kierkegaard
22. John Stuart Mill And Nineteenth-Century Positivism
23. Friedrich Nietzsche
24. Conclusions: Some Lessons From The History Of Western Philosophy

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Plato. Aristotle. Augustine. Hume. Kant. Hegel.

These names and the philosophies associated with them ring through the minds of every student and scholar of philosophy. And in their search for knowledge, every student of philosophy needs to know the history of the philosophical discourse such giants have bequeathed us.

Noted philosopher C. Stephen Evans brings his expertise to this daunting task as he surveys the history of Western philosophy, from the Pre-Socratics to Nietzsche and postmodernism-and every major figure and movement in between.

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C. Stephen Evans
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Published: October 2018
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