Grape and Leaves Chalice, Ciborium and Common Cup Set


Grapes and Leaves Chalice, Ciborium and Common Cup Set was exclusively designed by Sudbury Brass™ and manufactured using only high quality materials. They are crafted of lead-free, 100% food safe brass and then plated with 24kt gold to meet our high quality standards. A sculptured design of grapes and leaves with a nickel plated finish adorns the base to create a very unique look. It is truly exquisite and at an unbeatable value.

Set includes 1 Ciborium with Lid (Holds 180 hosts), 1 Chalice (Holds 13 oz), 1 Paten and 1 Common Cup (Holds 10 oz) and includes cotton felt drawstring bags for safe storage.

Communion bread not included

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Material: Brass/ Nickel Plate/ 24kt Gold Plate

Communion bread not included