Grace To Abstain


If the ache to be loved makes you hurt … If the lonely nights make you cry… If you struggle to remain pure… …you are not alone. Being a single person can hurt. Today, more than ever, it can make you feel ostracized, even abandoned. And for Christian singles, the struggle can be overwhelming. D’Bora Schrett understands. In The Grace To Abstain, author D’Bora Schrett puts an end to your quiet desperation to be loved, freeing you from feelings of guilt, shame and loneliness. Using the Bible as her guide, D’Bora shares from her heart how you can surrender your passions to God, and let Him transform your spirit while you wait on Him to bring you a life partner. Unlike other books for Christian singles, D’Bora faces the real issues of sex and intimacy, helping you deal with things that most often go unsaid within the confines of the Church.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781931232364
ISBN10: 1931232369
D’Bora Shrett
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2001
Publisher: Xulon Press

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