Gods Of Atheism


An excellent overview of the Enlightenment theologians/philosophers and how they
try to get us to deny God’s existence, why different forms and/or philosophies of
atheism still involve some ‘higher power’ or deified ideal of perfection.

This eye-opening book provides a detailed overview of the Enlightenment
theologians and philosophers and their attempt to get us to deny God’s existence. Fr.
Miceli demonstrates that atheism’s vigor arises from its creation of mythical gods
in place of the true God. When the atheist has a spiritual posture against God he
is simultaneously posturing in preference for some other Being above God. As he
dismisses the true God he is welcoming his New God. Why must this be so? Because
every personal commitment of man presupposes, deep in the metaphysical core of
his being, a hunger for being and goodness.

The aim of this work is to indicate that the great sin of contemporary atheism is that
it consists, through a sustained act of Supreme Self-Will, a narcissistic adoration and
love of himself.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781644136904
Vincent Miceli
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Sophia Institute