Galilean Journey : The Mexican American Promise


The groundbreaking work in Hispanic theology, relates the story of the Galilean Jesus to the story of a new mestizo people.

In this work, which marked the arrival of a new era of Hispanic/Latino theology in the United States, Virgilio Elizondo described the “Galilee principle”: “What human beings reject, God chooses as his very own”. This principle is well understood by Mexican-Americans, for whom mestizaje — the mingling of ethnicity, race, and culture — is a distinctive feature of their identity. In the person of Jesus, whose marginalized Galilean identity also marked him as a mestizo, the Mexican-American struggle for identity and new life becomes luminous.


SKU (ISBN): 9781570753107
ISBN10: 1570753105
Virgilio Elizondo | Translator: Eva Fleischner
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: December 2005
Publisher: Orbis Books